A Tour of Latin America

LaproSurge's Product Marketing Manager, Katherine Sloggett, has recently returned from a successful tour of Latin America. The 10-day trip involved visits to distribution partners in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina.

The Latin American tour included product training for sales teams, visits to large hospitals, building relationships with key surgeons, and discussions on the strategy for growth of existing and new product lines in each market.

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Peruvian distribution partner discussing video of LaproSurge 3mm instruments in use

Katherine said: "The Latin American market has become one of the focus areas for LaproSurge with huge opportunities available for single use laparoscopic devices. We have already seen huge success in these countries through organic growth in laparoscopy, but after these visits, we now have a much greater understanding of these markets and the strengths of each distribution partner to enable us to provide tailored support specific to each market."

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