Blunt Dissector

The 5mm blunt dissector is a versatile instrument with multiple applications across various laparoscopic specialities. It is used to define surgical planes and expose structures during laparoscopic surgery. The small atraumatic tip allows the gentle dissection and manipulation of tissue while protecting delicate anatomical structures from the risk of traumatic injury. 


Features and Benefits

  • Rigid instrument shaft is non-conductive to prevent direct coupling from electrosurgical instruments
  • 100% cotton wool tip for a soft and atraumatic instrument to prevent tissue damage
  • Tip is non-linting to prevent any material from being left in the patient
  • Cotton wool tip is dipped in radio translucent substance to ensure tip shows up under x-ray and CT scan
  • Absorbent tip material allows for quick and effective control of small bleeds


Ordering Code

Box Qty

5mm Blunt Dissector – 3 dissectors per pack - 41cm length


20 packs

5mm Blunt Dissector – 1 dissector per pack - 41cm length


30 packs