ClearFlow™ Smoke Evacuation

ClearFlow™ is a passive flow filter system used in laparoscopic surgery to evacuate smoke, particulates and aerosolised pathogens from the abdominal cavity without loss of pneumoperitoneum. The filter helps to provide a clear view of the surgical field by creating a lamina flow of smoke from the source to the filter, while the filter's internal charcoal membrane absorbs odours and toxic chemicals.


Features and Benefits

  • Noise-free and quick and simple to set-up, without requiring further adjustments during the procedure
  • The system is attached to the gas tap of a large-sized trocar prior to energy use and the filter is positioned away from the operative site.
  • Available in two options and these are colour-coded for easy identification:
    • ClearFlow™ – for use with monopolar energy devices
    • ClearFlow™ Ultra – for use with monopolar, bipolar, ultrasonic and laser energy devices. Hydrophilic system continues to be effective with airborne fluid from vapour and smoke.


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ClearFlow Brochure (PDF)

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