LaproClose Trocar Site Closure

Complete system for quick, safe and reliable closure of laparoscopic incision sites.



Features and Benefits

Cone-shaped guide for closure of 10mm/12mm incisions:

  • Correctly angles the introducer to capture all tissue layers for full closure of fascia and peritoneum
  • Prevents loss of pneumoperitoneum during port site closure

Rigid introducer for passing sutures through all tissue layers:

  • Needle guides easily through fascia and peritoneum
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable finger placemen
  • Long, retractable grasping jaws to accommodate any suture size
  • Intuitive spring mechanism for extending and retracting the grasping jaws

The combined use of the guide and introducer together minimises the risk of internal injuries by ensuring the introducer passes through the abdominal wall in an acute angle, enabling better visualisation of the needle entering the peritoneal cavity.


Ordering Code

Box Qty

Complete Device – Introducer and Guide


10 units

Introducer only


10 units

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LaproClose Brochure (PDF)