Insufflation Tubing

The Laparoscopic Filter & Tubing Set contains sterile, single use product ranges, including Insufflation Tubing Set.

The Insufflation Tubing Set is for use to insufflate the abdominal cavity in order to create working space for endoscopic procedure, and it contains a filter for filtration of the insufflation gas.

The insufflation tubing is available with either a luer lock or a 15mm ISO connector for compatibility with a range of insufflators.


Features and Benefits

  • Low memory tubing material prevents kinking to ensure an uninterrupted insufflation flow
  • Contains a high quality 0.02 micron bacterial and viral filter with 99.9999% efficacy rate
  • Insufflation tubing is available in a length of 3 metres


Ordering Code


Box Qty

Insufflation Tubing


Luer Lock

50 units

Insufflation Tubing


15mm male/22mm female ISO connector

50 units