Detachable Mini Endo Pouch for deployment through a 5mm port

A 5mm solution for specimen retrieval during laparoscopic surgery

The innovative design allows for delivery through a 5mm port and enables surgeons to achieve greater clinical benefits for the appropriate procedure using the same traditional techniques without an additional larger sized port.


Features and Benefits

  • Impressive volume compared with incision size
  • Simple delivery device to aid rapid entry
  • Bag opens automatically and expands lengthwise along the same direction as grasping instruments for ease of use
  • Bag is transparent for better visibility of specimen
  • Impermeable material minimizes port site contamination risks
  • The bag is closed fully for specimen security using the strong nylon purse string


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Trocar Diameter

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Mini Endo Pouch




5 units

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Endo Pouch Brochure (PDF)