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Monopolar Graspers and Dissectors

Monopolar Graspers and Dissectors

High quality laparoscopic instruments available in an extensive range of single action and double action jaw options. All instruments provide a high level of tactile feedback for increased control and have a standard monopolar connection.


Monopolar Graspers and Dissectors tips
Product Ordering Code Action Type Jaw Length Working Length Box Quantity
Atraumatic grasper LG001-T Double 19mm 330mm 12
Clinch grasper LG002-T Double 22mm 330mm 12
Claw grasper LG003-T Double 16.5mm 330mm 12
Babcock grasper LG004-T Double 22mm 330mm 12
Maryland dissector LG005-T Double 19mm 330mm 12
Johan grasper LG006-T Double 17mm 330mm 12
Johan grasper LG007-T Single 22mm 330mm 12
Johan grasper LG008-T Single 40mm 345mm 12
Johan grasper LG009-T Single 40mm 450mm 12
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