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Optical Trocar

Optical Trocars

The optical trocar provides the user with direct visualisation of the tissue layers during insertion. The optical clarity of the trocar allows the user to visibly detect when the peritoneum is penetrated, reducing the risk to the patient.


Product Ordering Code Diameter Cannula Length Box Quantity
Single Pack EC5SS-O 5mm Ribbed 70mm 5
Single Pack EC5SL-O 5mm Ribbed 100mm 5
Double Pack EC5DL-O 5mm Ribbed 100mm 5
Single Pack EC5SXL-O 5mm Ribbed 150mm 5
Single Pack EC10SL-O Auto 10/11mm Ribbed 100mm 5
Single Pack EC12SL-O Auto 12mm Ribbed 100mm 5
Single Pack EC12SXL-O Auto 12mm Ribbed 150mm 5
Video Presentation

LaproSurge Trocars - Interview with Dr Maurizio Pavanello