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Port Access Trocars and Cannulas

Port Access

LaproSurge offers a comprehensive range of high quality and cost effective ports for laparoscopic surgery, in a range of diameters from 3mm up to 15mm. The cannulas and trocars are available in a range of lengths, cannula threads and trocar tip options to suit all user preferences.


Balloon Cannulas

NEW Balloon Cannulas

Available in 5mm, 10mm and 12mm, with two trocar tip options:

- Blunt Tip

- Bladeless Optical Tip

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Trocars and Cannulas
Optical Bladed Bladeless Blunt and Hasson Trocars

Four trocar tip options available:

Optical Trocars

Bladed Trocars

Bladeless Trocars

Blunt and Hasson Trocars

Extra Information
FlexDex Brochure Download

Port Access Brochure (PDF)

Thoracic Trocar

NEW Thoracic Cannulas

Available in four sizes for thoracoscopic surgery.

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